Kingdom Revelator

“How can a young man remain pure? By living according to your word.”

(Psalms 119:9)


A Brief History

Fr. SojiOlikkal, the director of Sehion Ministries (Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries) in the
UK, working in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and a leading Charismatic preacher was
inspired by the Holy Spirit to produce a Catholic evangelistic magazine for young people.

Now the copies are being sent to schools and parishes across the world. It is distributed in
32 different countries including Ireland, USA, Australia and India.
Currently in Ireland
5000 copies are printed monthly. They are distributed free of cost to Educational
institutions which include Catholic and Govt schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospital
Chapels and to many Parishes across all Counties.

Vision & Aims

Kingdom Revelator magazine is evangelistic and aims to show young people that the
Christian faith is relevant to them in their everyday lives. It shows them that they must
choose daily to follow Jesus and let Him be their personal Saviour and it encourages them
to read the Bible, pray and receive the Sacraments regularly. The personal testimonies
show them that God can and does intervene in the lives of Christians today and that He
can be their guide and protector.

Young people are encouraged to submit their testimonies, articles, poems and drawings
for publication. The aim is that it will be a magazine written mainly by faith-filled young

people who are familiar with the problems and challenges that face young people today.
An editorial board oversees the publication, edits the articles and ensures a balanced
content each month of teaching, testimony and faith building material. They also oversee
the design process, which is outsourced to a professional design company in India to
ensure a bright and modern feel to the magazine that will appeal to young readers.

Ireland coordinator –JAISON JOHN

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